The story of plastics- what they are made of?

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Found another article, this is about the making of plastics. It states that most industrial palstics are made of oil. salt, air and water. Weird huh? It basically takes a long process of extracting, distiltion, cracking and boiling to make the magnificent wonder of plastic. What would we do without plastic bags, covers and other useful gadgets of plastics. To read the Article follow the link!!
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About the Projest

Hey guys well I was thinking and this is just and idea. I was thinking that with the scientists we chose on wednesday we can do a powerpoint presentation with just the pictures of the scientists (slideshow) with a traditional African American melody playing in the background. While this plays in the background people can go around the room and looking at the posters and listening to the music and all. It sounds entertaining to me but thats just me. Write feedback on this! Thanks Kathy


Intelligent Wrappers

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Well um I was searching on-line looking for chemistry articles and I found this very interesting one that basically states that scientists in Italy have managed to develop this form of plastic packaging that is able to sensor food contamination and then displays a certain type of dye. By seeing this dye it alerts the person to realize that the food is no good and therefore it is disposed of. But what sounds really good for the environment is that the plastic packaging that it comes in is biodegradable- meaning that is can be broken down by micro-organisms found in soil or even sea water. Unlike billions of plastic wrappings that are produced and in the end are not disposed of properly without harming the environment.
If you guys want to read the artilce just copy and paste the link below.
Title- Intelligent Wrappers
by:James Mitchell Crow

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